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10 Jan Slow / Fast


It´s been a while since we updated here, but it´s because we have been buried with work in the studio and out in the field. Hidden Echology was part at the exhibition Experiment Stockholm at Färgfabriken until 29/11.


Before christmas and new years we had a course at Stockholm Academy of dramatic arts called Audio Walk and will end with an inspirational quote from Gan Golan:

Physical spaces tell stories. Every place inhabited by human beings is infused with narrative. The spaces we move through in our daily life are constantly telling us stories about “how to behave” or “who we are” within that space. They speak to us. Soothe us. Even yell at us. The stories that are told by the spaces that surround us shape us just as much as we shape them. It is in this dialogue—of creating space and it creating us—that we become who we are and who we hope to be.

Gan Golan, excerpt from essay “A space for new stories” Beyond Zuccotti Park