Osynliga Teatern | We who lived backward
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15 Jun We who lived backward


We are working on our upcoming show “we who lived backward” that will open in October at Dramaten in Stockholm.

Imagine that your life has fallen apart — maybe you’ve been tortured or raped, or maybe you’ve gotten out just in time. You’ll have one chance to start a new life in a new country, and an hour to tell your story to a neutral bureaucrat – that wants to hear it backwards. When seeking asylum your lived life does not fit, only the story.

The audience is invited to take part in the story. At the immigration office where the story is set with the use of VR googles, two by two through transcribed interviews played as conversations between the audience and the last part a shared group experience portrays the escape together from the beginning with the asylum seeker. A work that invites the audience to experience and take part in the story of a life, backwards and forwards.

The material is based on interviews with asylum applicants, lawyers working on the cases, the interpreters who translate and the migration officer that will receive them. We want to highlight the Nordic migration policies and what it means on a personal level. We will focus on how these policies affect asylum seekers on a personal level. The performance is interactive where the audience will experience a documentary story from the asylum seeker – through his/her view and inner perspective.