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Tomas Rajnai and Jens Nielsen forms Osynliga Teatern (translated as ”Invisible Theatre”). They produce interdisciplinary performances focusing on experimentation and collaborative creations and invite their audiences to participate as well as observe.

They work with choreographed acoustic experiences and express themselves in the boundary between performance and radio theatre.

Their work takes whichever form is best to tell the story and always responds to the site, setting and the imagination of the audience.

Past locations have been in an art gallery, a 800 years old church, the national stage in Stockholm and a playground for children. In these works, they want to inspire visitors to discover new relationships to their environment, both personal and architectural.

They create cinematic experiences where the audience are invited to become part of the story and the choreography. Their work examines the ability of sound to enhance a situation, place and narrative relation to the site. They create stories for the audience to participate in.

After their degree from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2012 they did their debut with Engram Stockholm.